Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ilex aquifolium 'Aureovariegata'

Another variegated holly, this one with more holly-like leaves, that is, shiny and with spines. The aquifoliums aren't really all that happy growing here, but ours seem to do fine with just morning sun and protection from hot afternoon sun. They are small shrubs even after a number of years and need to be wrapped in the winter, but the colors and patterns are wonderful. We have them growing in with hostas and other shade plants. I got out our holly book - Hollies, The Genus Ilex by Fred C. Galle, a very heavy, almost 600 page book, hoping to glean a few tidbits to all, but that will have to wait since the information is scattered throughout all of the different topics - leaves, berries, flowers, etc. and not done for each type of holly by itself, and early in the morning I just don't have the brain for sorting it all out. And tomorrow I promise to write about the white berries hollies. Couldn't find a picture this morning. I'll take a new one, assuming the birds haven't finished off the berries, when I go out for my daily walk around the gardens.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Jane
I had no idea there were variegated holly ! .. and white berry holly too .. I so wished ours would have "taken" and produced berries but no .. and I couldn't waste the space since I have so little .. but I certainly enjoy seeing other gardener's holly !

Hoot Owl Hollow Nursery said...

Space doesn't need to be a problem. There are even miniature hollies. I have one called 'Hedgehog' which is under a foot tall after about 15 years and it is every bit as hardy as the big guys.