Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blechnum nipponicum

The Blechnums are mostly tropical, but there are a few which will be happy here. This one is Blechnum nipponicum, common name - Japanese Deer Fern. This is about as far north as this one will grow, since it really prefers a warmer climate. It is a small fern, about a foot tall, though tall is probably not the right word since the fronds lie flat on the ground rather than being upright like the Athyriums. The fertile fronds, when they are produced, are upright, though. It is said to be evergreen, but like a lot of the others that are supposed to be evergreen, especially those growing here at the north edge of their range, sometimes they go dormant over the winter. Some that don't can look pretty ratty by spring after being snow and ice covered. This one is rather hard and shiny looking and doesn't seem to form a large clump or increase quickly. I have it in a sort of woodsy rock garden place where it won't be overwhelmed by larger plants and it seems to do well there.

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fons said...

Hi Jane,
This one... I don't have yet, Can we exchange some spores?
Regards, Fons