Monday, January 12, 2009


The only Arachnoides we have in the garden is Arachnoides simplicior. These are also known as holly ferns because of their leathery, shiny fronds. There is also a variegated version of this one which has yellow/gold on the leaves. Actually I think this may be a variegated one though I don't have it marked that way. This is just up in this pictures and the variegation gets more pronounced as the heat of summer arrives. The Arachnoides group is mostly native to Japan and China. This particular one grows in zones 6-9 and may be at least semi-evergreen in the warmer zones. It's not a huge fern, but showy because of the shine and variegation. As with most ferns, it grows in shady, moist, rich soil.
Tomorrow Asplenium - the Spleenworts.

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