Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Athyrium - part last

This is another of the Athyrium selections/crosses (not sure which) - Athyrium 'Branford Beauty'. It is another with reddish stems (though they don't appear that way in the picture) and also a clumper that increases rather quickly. It is taller than some and upright.
This next one is Athyrium otophorum, otherwise known as Eared Lady Fern. It is also an upright one, though smaller, only about a foot tall here. The stems are a dark marroon and the crosiers are the same color. Native to Japan and China, though readily available here. It is also, like the rest of the Ladies, easy to grow.
This last is another version of one I put up the other day. This is Athyrium ff veroniae 'Cristata' (or Cristatum) - the crested version. This is a baby and pictures I have seen show it with many crests all along the frond so that it is a bit 'frizzy' looking. These fancy ones are no more difficult to grow than the plain ones and add a nice touch to the garden, especially with larger leaf hostas and such - a bit of lightness and delicacy.

Very cold here again. Glad I don't have to go anywhere. It was below zero again last night, and though they're prediction just 3 degrees (F) for tonight, it will probably be colder here in the hollow where we get very little sun this time of year to warm things up. Actual sun hitting the ground (not just seen on the hilltops) is less than an hour right now. One of the nicest things about spring here is that the sun comes back down where we can feel it and enjoy it.

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