Sunday, January 18, 2009

Athyrium - part four

I told you there were a lot of these. Here are three more Athyriums to add to the list. This first one is Athyrium ff 'Cristatum', I guess the first of the crested ones since it has a simple name. This one has crests at the tips of the fronds and also the pinnae tips. The fronds are flat rather than contorted or 'fuzzy' like some of the crested forms.
This second one is Athyrium ff 'Victoriae' which is not the same as the one I had up yesterday which is Victoria. This is one of the largest of the Lady Ferns and can easily be 3 feet tall. It has multiple crests at the tip of the frond and the pinnae and is arching and drooping. It also comes in a red stemmed version which I haven't seen, but which might be something to look for. It doesn't come true from spores, but might produce something interesting nonetheless.

Last for today is Athyrium 'Ghost'. It is a grey/white one which forms a nice clump quickly. This is one of the growing number of named Athyriums and one of my favorites. I it is striking with its pale fronds and gets to be about 2 feet tall.
The weather is warmer, though we do have a bit of snow with a layer of ice under it - not good; it will be a bit warmer today so maybe the house will heat back up and I can move the house plants back to their windowsills.


GardenJoy4Me said...

I have been enjoying your posts on ferns : )
I am a big fan of them and squeeze as many as I can in my garden .. Lady in Red along with Ghost have been my favorites in that category.
A fern is not simply a fern .. it is a work of art !

Northern Shade said...

I especially like Athyrium 'Ghost'. The silvery coloured foliage really lightens the shadowy areas of the garden. I have a clump of this fern behind some Brunnera 'Jack Frost', and I love these two silver plants together.
I have been enjoying your fern series, too.