Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Louisiana Iris

Louisiana Irises grow here quite happily, at least some of them do. A lot of them are much better suited to climates more like, well, Louisiana. This first one is Cherry Cup and is one of our most recent additions. It is as velvety in person as it is in the picture. These are relatively tall and ours are growing in shallow water at the edge of the bog. They will grow on dry land, but need to be watered a lot since they do require quite a bit of water. Don't not grow them because you don't have a bog or shallow end to your pond, but just remember to give them more drinks than other irises require.

Clara Goula is a oldie, but I don't know of another white that is any prettier. This one grows at the edge of our upper pond and has been there for many years.

Black Gamecock is another oldie that we've grown for years. It is quite dark and velvety and unlike any others I know. This was probably the first one we grew and we now have moved pieces of it to several different locations. More will be blooming soon, but I wanted to continue with irises this morning before moving on to something else. Weather kept me from posting for the past few days since the storms turned off our electricity and it just came back on mid-day yesterday. Thankfully most of the time it was cool enough here that we didn't need to keep the fan running. The few days before were so hot we really would have been miserable.


Patrick O'Connor said...

Nice pictures of nice irises. Cherry Cup is one of the most vibrant reds, and Black Gamecock is one of the few near-blacks. Black Gamecock is very cold hardy and popular in the north. Clara Goula is famous for being a ruffled form that hybridizers loved, but it is an only adequate grower. Most Louisianas do amazingly well in the North.


Hoot Owl Hollow Nursery said...

Our experience with the Louisiana Irises is that we buy all of the ones we like and expect 25% of them to make it. The ones that do live grow well here. Clara Goula was one of the first and has been at the edge of our large pond for at least a dozen years. It probably doesn't increase that fast, but it is happy so I don't complain. Thanks for the nice comments.