Friday, June 6, 2008

Iris - Tall Bearded

These are what most people, especially non gardeners, think of when you say iris. Big and colorful, the tall bearded, the tallest and largest of the irises that look like this are probably also the most varied colorwise. The first one is Batik which looks more purple in person, but you get the idea. It is always noticed since it is unusual, at least it used to be. Now I see it in lots of catalogs and breeders have developed a whole series of these in different colors.

Next is one of the historic ones (I consider those before 1950 historic though I don't know if that is an official designation) which I added a few years ago. The older ones don't seem to have all of the hardiness and toughness bred out of them in favor of some other characteristic. It's name is Dauntless.

I don't know the name of this one, but it is a form called plicata which just means that it has an edge. Funny, they don't use that term in hostas that have edges.

Another oldie, this is Rosemohr.

This one is named, but I can't find the order and it doesn't seem to have a permanent tag in the garden. In addition to gorgeous color, this one is about twice the size of a 'normal' iris. It's hard to tell with nothing else in the picture for reference, but the typical comment when people see it is - Wow, that's the biggest iris I ever saw'.

The next one is 'Tom Johnson', and though I don't know who it was named for, it is really velvety and I love those orange beards.

This last one I have a love/hate relationship with. Some days I like the color combination and other days I find it kind of jarring. It came in a bag of iris that were supposed to be another color (can't remember what it was supposed to be, I think just lavender) so it was a big surprise when it first bloomed. It has turned out to be quite hardy here and lived in a row of tree peonies.

Tomorrow another day away from iris before we return to them to look at some really cute frogs.

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