Friday, June 20, 2008

Albino Fern

I found this fern frond when I was weeding yesterday. It is on an Ostrich Plume Fern which is otherwise perfectly normal and all green. Alone, it wouldn't survive for lack of chlorophyll (hope that's spelled right - it's early), but attached to the main plant, I should be able to enjoy it for the season. There is a little green on the stem and veins, so that should help somewhat, but not all that much. It is still to be seen if this oddity returns next year. We often get albino seedlings in daylilies which die rather quickly, but this, being a part of the main plant, is more like a hosta sport, or different eye on a 'normal' plant.
Dragonflies are busy everywhere. We had virtually none here before we started putting in ponds and now there are at least 8 different types from the large black and white spotted ones to tiny irridescent blue ones to the brick red ones. I wish I knew all of their names, but there seem to be so many that look almost alike that I fear I'll never get this one figured out. I'm taking pictures so maybe that can be a winter project.

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