Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Iris Siberica

No names here since these are all my seedlings. We are at the southern edge of the range for Siberian Iris and some do well here but others just up and die. I found that some of those best suited were those that I bred from those that are happy here or those that self seeded into spots in the garden, helped along by birds or little furry things that bury seeds.

This one is a nice shade of blue, but in person a little more purple, probably. The dark purple ones don't seem to come true to color when photographed. I had trouble with purples of some shades back when I was doing film pictures too, though I'm not sure what the answer is to the problem of getting the colors right, I can let you know what they should be.

This is a lovely light blue one. Most Siberian's seem to have that veining at the top of the falls, though some more than others and it shows up in the darker ones much more.

I like the two colors in this one

This is probably my favorite and just stands out in the bed with it's icy pale blue color. These are all what would probably be called old style Siberians since they have rather narrow petals and lack ruffles. Some of the newer ones (which don't grow well this far south) have very wide almost overlapping petals with lots of ruffles - almost look like another kind of iris altogether. Wish I could grow some of them here, but with so many pretty flowers, I shouldn't complain.

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