Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hemerocallis - Daylilies

The earlilest daylilies each year are yellow. Lots and lots of yellow. Not that I don't appreciate their cheery faces in the morning when I'm sure it's too early for any daylilies to be blooming yet, but I'm always waiting for the first 'not yellow' daylily to bloom. That's when I figure their bloom season begins in earnest. 'Chicago Gold Coast', above, is usually among the first non-yellows to bloom. It is a rich gold, a large bloom and our large clump seems to bloom on forever.
This little guy is 'Blood Drop'. (Not sure right now if that's one word or two) It is one of the super miniatures, not just the flower which is probably under 2 inches across, but the foliage which is less than 10 inches tall. A perfect little flower for the front of the border. The red color is deeper in person and the flowers are held just at the top of the foliage.

This is one of the first more modern form daylilies to start every year. 'Wings of Chance' is recognizable from across the garden. Much brighter than this picture gives it credit for. It is growing at the edge of a large pink flowered rose. Not good planning colorwise, but they seem to get along all right.

This one just started blooming yesterday. 'Dragon's Orb' is another small one, creamy with a hint of pink and a darker eye.

I'm sure I've recently taken a better picture of 'Painted Face', but couldn't find it this morning. It is at the top of a hillside bed in front of some deciduous hollies so it stands out nicely from the dark green background.
Daylilies scapes are popping up everywhere, so the season is almost upon us. It will seem
almost like magic - I'll go out some morning and there will be color everywhere - as long as the deer don't come in and eat all of the buds like they have some years.
Tomorrow, ideas on deer control that have worked, at least sometimes, for me.

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