Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ground Covers - Part 2

These ground covers were all listed as hardy in zone 6 when I bought them, but I have my doubts. I often now see them listed as zone 7, so I expect there would be more happy in a warmer zone than I have here. This first one is Saxifrage 'Harvest Moon', a lovely yellow saxifrage which will brighten up a shady place like almost nothing else. I rambled around all over the place for a year or two then decreased until it was no more.

This is Lysimacchia 'Peach Cobbler' shown here in a little shade. In more sun it is every shade of peach and yellow imaginable. I have kept this in pots over the winter and planted it out each summer, but seem to have lost it over the years. Pretty yellow flowers too.

This one, Lysimacchia 'Persian Carpet' only lasted one summer but had nice green and purple, slightly furry leaves. Wish I could grow it again, but it wasn't happy here.

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