Monday, June 2, 2008

Iris Ensata

Today I put up pictures of Ensata (formerly Japanese) Iris. This first on is Bellander Blue and is really tall - at least 4 feet. And yes, it is this blue. These grow happily in shallow water or on dry land if they get enough water (an inch a week in rain or watering). They grow in full sun or with a little shade. They are some of the most extravagent looking of the irises with large flowers with big petals. Colors are in a wide range with many patterns. Just a few here for a sample. They are just starting to bud, so these pictures were taken last year, but I'll put up more when this year's bloom starts. I just love these.

This is Blueberry Rim with an edge and spots.

Frosted Pyramid is pure white with only a tiny gold signal on the petals.

Extravagent Plumes has a much wider purple edge and is mostly falls. (the lower petals)

Pinkerton is one of my favorites and a hard color, it seems, to photograph. It is a lovely pale pink though it looks a bit lavender here.

Last but not least, Summer Storm which is one of our darkest ones. I'll be out taking pictures today or lots of other irises, especially Siberians which I had intended to do today until I realized that I really didn't have all that many good pictures of them. The irises in Lake Amanda are also blooming their little hearts out, so I'll get them too.

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