Monday, May 26, 2008

Peony 'Walter Mains'

Apologies for not having written for the past few days, but it has been an incredibly hectic week here what with a garden club visit, the constant weeding, a wholesale order of hostas arriving to be potted up and trying to finish planting the vegetable garden. I think I've got the multiple pictures thing figured out (thanks to my much more computer literate daughter) and will try it tomorrow with the promised pond pictures. Also to come soon, a new peony section to my website with all of the pictures I have been taking. The peonies are just stunning this year after a disappointing show in 2007. It was just too dry and hot after having their buds frozen 3 times. The colors are just exquisite and deep and the flowers big and with nice thick petals that seem to hold up to the rain. I've been taking pictures every day and when it rains later today and tomorrow, I'm going to try and organize them and then I'll give you a link to see them all. It would take weeks to do them a few at a time here on the blog since we have over 200 different tree peonies and probably 800 herbaceous ones. Just one picture today for a teaser.

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