Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Other Barn

This picture is of our other barn and was taken during daylily season (obviously) a few years ago and you can seethat it is already starting to deteriorate. This process started about 8 years ago. We went out one morning and it seemed to be a bit tilted. When we investigated we found that a groundhog had dug a hole under one of the support poles and caused the whole thing to shift. We have put supports on the outside to keep it standing, somewhat, or it would have been on the ground already. The corner you can see has pretty much collapsed, but the rest is still usable, at least at this point. To keep this about plants - these daylilies are one of our older beds, 12 rows of about 30 plants each. They are some of the original ones we got in the late 70s and early 80s. Funny how things we got as new introductions at the then outrageous price of something like $25 are now considered historic daylilies. Kind of makes one feel a bit old sometimes. There are a lot from Munson and Durio there and Reckamp along with tons of Wilds. We actually still have the catalogs they were ordered from. Lots of fun browsing on a cold winter day.

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Barbee' said...

That daylily bed is huge and beautiful, what joy it must bring. I am cursed with groundhogs, too. Terrible for a farm and garden. Expensive Kentucky horses can break a leg by stepping in one of those hole. Bad animals to have around.