Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Daylily Fields

Here are two pictures taken from up the hill where you can see more of the daylilies (and the collapsing barn). These were taken in 2006. I have one taken last summer which is totally green, or at least mostly so. Between the drought giving us less, smaller and misshapen bloom, the deer here were starving and thought daylilies would be nice for a snack. Usually our spray program keeps them out, but last summer we had the only water anywhere near here so they came in for a drink and just had dinner too. I can't imagine wanting to eat things as bad as they taste with the sprays on them, but I guess starvation is a big motivator. Last summer was the one where I planned to get pictures of all of our daylilies since I finally had a digital camera, but that was not to be since I never even got to see bloom on most. Maybe this year.
Although it is hard to tell from these pictures, they are taken from waaaaaay up the hill. Living in the foothills of the Appalachians gives us a quite hilly landscape. We truly do live in a 'holler' whose name 'Hoot Owl' goes way back. People think we made it up and it's so cute, but we just used the place name that has been here for well over a hundred years. From where the pictures were taken I was about 100 feet in elevation above the barn and the top of the gardens is 100 feet more uphill - a quite steep hill. The top of the property which is in amongst the conifer that we planted 30 some odd years ago is yet another 100 feet or so up according to the topographical maps. Gardening here is certainly good exercise, though I will admit that sometimes I look at those hills and wonder just what I was thinking when I created gardens at the top.

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