Friday, May 9, 2008

Japanese Garden Again

This is a view looking towards the maples. I promise to take a new picture (as soon as I finish weeding in there), but this is more recent and shows some of the maples. Sometimes it all seems to blend together in a sea of hundreds of shades of green, only adding colors in spring with bulbs and hellebores and in fall with all of the wonderful maple colors. I do like all green, though, sometimes. It is so restful compared to a field of daylilies. Maybe that's why I like hostas - cool and green and quiet. We had almost an inch of rain over the last 24 hours and so the green is even more pronounced this morning. As I sit here, where I could see as far as the driveway yesterday, today I can't see clearly more than about 15 feet. Wonderful! I hope the Lilacs didn't get too water logged. They have bloomed so heavily this year that they were really leaning. They are huge and old. Hank started them from cuttings given to him by a neighbor when he was a little kid - and that was a long time ago. They have been moved to several states, but have been here, just getting larger and larger, since the mid 1970s. The peonies are just starting to bloom and rain seems to make them grow overnight. Jack-in-the-Pulpits have sprung up overnight as did the Dracunculus vulgaris. It should bloom soon. That I will get a picture of. It got frosted last year before it was ready to photograph. We're still not past our last frost date, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. The forecast doesn't look like I need to worry, but until Memorial Day, I never totally relax about my babies out there which are now way too big to cover.

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Amy said...

Last year we had the priviledge of walking through Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island. It's a protected area of old growth forest. It just *glowed*. Everything was green, even the trees were covered in glowing green mosses and the forest floor was carpeted with mosses and ferns. I think if I could live in the middle of that park I wouldn't even need a garden :)