Monday, May 12, 2008

Blue Eyed Mary

This is a lovely little wildflower which we originally found growing down the road. It is less than a foot tall and spring blooming. Over the 3 or 4 years it has been in the garden it has spread to a patch about 2 feet across and we have started transplanting small pieces throughout the garden. It will go dormant once hot weather arrives, but comes right back in early spring. We have a number of wildflowers in the garden, most transplanted from other parts of the property - ferns, mayapples, trilliums, gingers and others. Our garden is formal in some respects, but also a bit woodsy (that's what happens when your garden is in the middle of 108 acres of woods - lots more, actually, but that's the part we own) and informal so bits of whimsy fit right in. One more 'blooming now' picture tomorrow, then back to the garden tour.

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Nancy J. Bond said...

What a gorgeous little plant. :)