Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Fairy Ring

Moving east along the front of the garden there are more hostas. This is just a small section. The garden is a square, probably 50 feet by 50 feet, but it might be larger since I'm not good as estimating things I can't see from my computer. It is primarily planted with hostas and was started in about 1995 and expanded a few years ago when we decided that we didn't need quite that much grass. There is a black walnut tree in the center with 5 concentric rings of hostas (all the same plant in each ring) moving out from it in decreasing sizes, then the grass walkway and then more hostas of all sorts with ferns, astilbes and other shade plants. There are some hollies, a forest pansy redbud and japanese maples in the beds for some shade and height and larger things around the edges. It is truly a 'room' within the larger garden as a lot of our gardens are. The moods change from one garden to the next so they are each like their own little world. The pictures weren't all supposed to be clumped at the top like this, because I added the second and third after writing some text, but there they are at the top. If one of you more familiar with blogger could comment - Melanie, if you're reading I know you know how to do this - I'd sure appreciate knowing how I could intersperse pictures with text.
Out to weed and weed and weed. Hopefully it won't rain as much today as yesterday when I finally quit because I was so wet and cold. Rain predicted here every day for at least the next week. I almost feel like I'm back in Ireland except we don't get the wonderful rainbows when the rain stops.


Sylvia said...

Your garden is beautiful, I love this shady area with the hostas. How do you keep the slugs and snails of your hostas?

Its raining here as well!

Best wishes Sylvia (England)

Hoot Owl Hollow Nursery said...

Quite a few years ago we started using Cygon 2E. It is a systemic and we originally used it for iris borer which has been a big problem for us. We haven't used it for years and I think we just got rid of our slugs and snail. Because it was mostly in the foliage and not in the soil, we still have plenty of earthworms and other beneficials, but things that bit the leaves died off. We also had 2 years of drought which doesn't favor slugs, so I hope they don't all come back this year, though I haven't seen any evidence of them so far.