Saturday, May 10, 2008

Japanese Garden Update

As promised, a current picture of the Japanese Garden, this one looking from the opposite directions since it is now so hard to get to the place where I took the other one. The variegated tree on the right is a dogwood and the purple in the back is an azalea. There are hostas along the walk to the left and most of the rest that you see are Japanese Maples. A little color yet, this time of year, but soon to be just hundreds of shades of green.
We seem to have bird's nests everywhere, some in their usual predictable places, but always some surprises. I had a family of wrens just behind my head in my packing area with their nest in a plastic bag hanging on the wall, so I got 'yelled at' constantly when I was getting orders ready to ship. There is another nest in the back of the building now. We have a family of cerulean warblers in the bird house in the tree peony bed. The doves seem to favor the tall spruces. Robins always build at eye level and right next to a path, so that when you are walking around you have to remember where they are because the mother robin will swoop out of the nest as you get close and usually just miss your head. Sparrows are nesting in the center of one of the tall, huge grass clumps that I didn't get cut down fast enough and now can't until the babies are out of there. The rufous sided towhees also build ground nests and though I haven't actually seen where they are, they seem to be everywhere. We often have birders come to look around with their binoculars. We don't usually have any really rare birds, though we do occasionally have eagles, but there are just lots of them. My phoebe's and hummingbirds and the white eyed vireos just came back and I have heard the catbird, but not seen it yet. We feed year round and even put a feeder just outside of the bay window for the cats to enjoy. The birds learn quickly that the cats can't get them and just ignore them.

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What a happy post, thanks for the smile.