Thursday, February 11, 2016


And now to write about a subject about which I know very little - and about which I would love some advice.  I have always looked at Tillandsias and thought that sometime I would like to try some.  About a month or so ago I became the proud owner of this one.

I have read up on them and so it gets dunked or sprayed once a day (our house is a bit dry this time of year).  It has bright light for about 12 hours a day and gets a nice soak in pond water once or twice a week. Not cold pond water; I brought a jar of it in the house so it would be nice and warm.   What else do I need to do.  I know they are called air plants and some articles would have you believe that you can just totally ignore them.  The whole idea just doesn't ring true.  It must need some sort of care.  It hasn't changed or grown, but it hasn't died either, so I must be doing something right.  Any comment would be most appreciated from people who are successfully growing these.

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