Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weigelia 'Variegata'

A lovely shrub, this Weigelia. It is an older variety, but still lovely. The leaves are a medium green with a creamy variegation, though it often fades to almost white in the sun, and sun is the best place to grow this. It is not for a small garden since it is about 6 feet tall and just about as wide. I do prune it mercilessly on the side next to the path so that walking around it is still possible, and so ours is a bit un-symmetrical. The flowers are white flushed with pink and it blooms heavily in the spring and then sporadically for the rest of the season.
There are newer version of the variegated one that are smaller, probably only 3 feet tall. One that we've gotten that I don't have a picture of handy (still working on re-populating my computer) is called 'My Monet'. The variegation is more bold than this one and it is just as hardy. We picked that one up at Lowe's last year, so I expect that it is readily available.
Tomorrow, my other favorite Weigelia.

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