Monday, July 27, 2009

Variegated Horseradish

Well, the computer is back, but for some reason, to replace my modem, they felt the need to wipe my hard drive clean, just to be sure it wasn't the problem. Not a good thing. I have gotten most everything put back on, but the pictures are taking a long time to download again from storage. At least everything was backed up and I won't lose anything, but it is still a real pain in the butt to have to spend the time getting everything back the way I want it when the modem has been a problem since I bought the computer and had nothing to do with anything on my hard drive.
As for today's pictures, this is a variegated horseradish we have grown for years. It is just like the plain, old, green variety as far as using it for eating, but it is just so much prettier. We grow it in light shade and it seems happy. I mostly use it for an ornamental since I hate processing the horseradish. It is a job for when you really need your sinuses cleared out. You dig next to the plant and cut off a piece of root. Wash it and peel it and cut it into small pieces. You then put it in the blender with some vinegar and turn it on until it looks like what you buy in the market. Very easy, but there is no way to keep the fumes contained. It is delicious done fresh like this and keeps well in the refrigerator. I think, at least for now, I'll just keep growing it as a pretty garden plant, though.

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