Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weigelia 'Rubidor'

If I've got the name of this one wrong, someone please let me know. It's what I remember, but it's early and I'm still sorting out my 10,000 or so pictures as I move them back into the computer and this is a recent one still just identified by a number. Anyway ... this is a plant that you just can't miss in the garden. It is a 6 foot tall and wide shrub like yesterday's entry, but the foliage is a screaming yellow/chartreuse. If that weren't enough, the flowers are hot pink. Although it seems like an unlikely combination to create a pretty vision, it actually works quite well. Full sun, prune after bloom. Right now the hummingbirds seem to be enjoying the rebloom flowers. Like the variegated one, this one reblooms regularly throughout the season after its first major bloom, which is always a plus for any shrub.
Daylily season is winding down. Yesterday was the first day where there were whole sections without bloom. The garden beds where we have a lot of late bloomers planted look just as good as ever, actually better than a few weeks ago, but we are definitely on the downside of the peak bloom. Because we have planted varieties with such varied bloom seasons, we have had daylilies blooming in the garden since mid-May and will likely have some until frost. It's not the overwhelming display of July, and mostly yellow and gold, but daylilies that bloom over such as long season are a welcome addition to the garden.
I was awakened by a thunderstorm (and a cat sitting on my chest bathing) at 3 this morning, so I expect it will be a little wet to work outside this morning and rain is predicted throughout the day. The gardens will be happy - and my kitchen will get cleaned.

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