Saturday, July 18, 2009

Papaver spmniferum

Poppies this morning. They are blooming all over the yard. Last summer, after poppy bloom, Hank collected seed and spread it everywhere - and I mean everywhere. This year we definitely have more poppies, though some are in places where I really didn't want or need poppies. I think we'll just let the ones in appropriate placed seed themselves and give away the rest of the seed. We have plenty of requests already. The first picture is of a 'normal' poppy, what most of ours look like, though the colors vary from this dark one to much lighter pink ones.
The second picture is a type that appeared from last years seeding for the first time. I love the fringed petals. We're definitely going to save seed from this one to plant for next year. I've never seen this variation before. I happen to love pink flowers, so that is even more reason to spread this one around a little bit.
It promises to be a cool and sunny day, just perfect for getting things done and getting laundry to dry on the line. As usual I have much more to do than there are sunny hours in the day and definitely much more to do than I expect I'll have the energy to accomplish.


GardenJoy4Me said...

I haven't seen this one before .. I would not have known it was a poppy ! .. I have had rotten luck this year with our poppies .. Royal Wedding was our only bloomer .. we didn't see those amazing red oriental ones .. I have no udea what went wrong... darn !

keewee said...

The fringed poppy is lovely. I have friend, who is going to save some seed pods for me, so I can sprinkle the seeds around in my garden.