Monday, September 22, 2008

Morning Glories

Some weeds are just so pretty. I rip these out ruthlessly - except when one gets missed and blooms and then it gets to stay, at least temporarily. They remind me of my grandfather. His roses were his pride and joy, but he had a trellis upon which he always grew Morning Glories; plain old fashioned blue ones. These wild ones are smaller, but the color is the same. I guess I'm more likely to let the blue ones stay even as I pull out pink and white ones. I always helped him plant seeds in the spring. In addition to the radishes and lettuce, there were always zinnias, marigolds and portulaca. I still grow zinnias and marigolds, but the portulaca is a bit more difficult. Since I mulch most things heavily, it doesn't self-seed and when I do get some going, it is a favorite of the bunnies.
On growing Morning Glories: the packages always say to soak the seed overnight to aid in germination, but we never did that and I don't see much difference whether I soak them or not. Don't get too anxious to get them started in the spring since they are a tropical and are easily done in by even a little frost. They like full sun, but since the flowers will close up when the sun gets too bright, I always grow them where they get a little shade by mid day and then I can often get to enjoy the blooms a little longer. Early morning sun doesn't seem to bother them. I know they come in a variety of colors now (probably did back then too) and even some with patterns, but I will always only grow the lovely blue ones because they remind me of my grandfather (Chester Forrest Baker 1891-1963)

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