Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'll bet most of you aren't familiar with this plant. It was recommended to me by Roslyn Nursery a long time ago and I'm told that it, like many others, seems to come and go in fashion. It is a rather large perennial, maybe 3-4 feet tall and almost as wide, so it needs some space. We grow it in dappled shade. It gets morning sun, but more shade by lunchtime. This first one is Leucoseptrum stellipilum. It has plain green leaves and was the first one we planted.
You can see the flowers just starting to grow.

When we realized that there was a variegated form, of course we had to have it. It is, obviously enough, Leucoseptrum stellipilum variegatum. The leaves are green and chartreuse/gold and seem a little thinner/less rounded than the plain one with a bit less serration.

Both flower in late summer/early fall with spikes borne at the tips of the stems. Quite pretty and a perennial most people will not recognize.


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