Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm Back

W.ell, I've not been lazy or overly busy or on vacation, but my phone service has been out since Thursday. Still not sure what started it, but the first repairman though he had fixed it (2 days after I called in for help) but then apparently pinched a wire when he was closing things up. We didn't get another technician out here until Monday morning. It took another day to get the DSL working, so finally, here I am. It was weird being without internet access for so long. I'd forgotten what it's like to not know what the weather it doing according to the radar map or to check the newspapers and a whole bunch of other things I read daily. I got a bit or gardening done, though I would have gotten more done if the weather had been a little cooler. I read a 500+ page book which I thoroughly enjoyed which is something I hadn't done for awhile, at least a novel that long. In spite of the internet withdrawl, I did enjoy my time. The picture is of another thing I was working on.

Awhile back I found an old metal bed frame in the barn. I decided it would make a lovely display piece for my handmade baskets that I sell at the nursery. It was painted pink and purple then, but the paint had faded and there was some rust starting to show. When I was at the hardward store last week I picked up a can of paint to redo it, medium green. This is a lot brighter than the color on the can would have led me to believe, but I do think I like it. I don't have as much time to making baskets any more, so I'm just going to use it for plants.

Next project is to find a better way to keep the deer out. Midafternoon yesterday I went out and hear something in the sales area. Thinking we had unexpected customers (since we were closed) I walked over and there were two very large deer about to munch yet more hostas. They took off and I did my best to close up the space where they came in. My barrier has not yet been knocked down, so maybe I scared them enough to keep them out for awhile. I can hope.


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