Sunday, September 14, 2008

Liriope 'Gold Band'

Liriopes are great all summer as edgings and just general garden plants, but it's this time of year when they really get noticed. Rather than having old ratty foliage and yellowing leaves, they still look as good as they did in the spring and on top of all that, this is when they come into bloom. This one, 'Gold Band' is a nice green with a gold edge and purple flowers. We have some with white flowers and one with gold leaves. I'll try to take some more pictures and put them up tomorrow. The flowers are mostly like little purple balls which never open into 'flowers' but eventually turn into larger, round seed pods. These seem to disappear rather than make babies in the vicinity so I think that small furry things must like them, or maybe birds. Liriopes spread enough on their own, so seeding all over the place really isn't necessary. We have them scattered around most of the beds and they are refreshing this time of year amidst the others who have given up for the year.

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