Monday, September 27, 2010

Still Blooming

Just a few more pictures to show that you don't have to be without flowers just because it's almost October.
This clump of Salvia came up all by itself. I had Salvia in the area last year and now have 6 or 8 plants that had self seeded. I sure hope it comes back next year since it has been blooming now for months.
Lamium usually blooms in the spring, but occasionally will rebloom in the fall. This 'Red Nancy' is covered with bloom as is 'Anne Greenway', one with green and yellow leaves.

Another bright red flower in the garden right now is this lovely clump of Impatiens, a really huge clump growing in more sun than Impatiens should like. It's probably 2 feet tall and wide and has been covered with bloom since late spring. It started out as one of those little 6-pack plants. I usually take a couple of smaller Impatiens into the greenhouse to enjoy or make some cuttings. They usually don't make it to next spring in good shape, but they normally bloom at least until Christmas.
Most people don't grow hostas for the blooms (mistake since some have gorgeous flowers and hightly scented ones). Most of our hostas have finished blooming except for a couple of really late ones. For the first time that I can remember, we have hostas that finished blooming in mid-summer, reblooming now. I often have daylilies that rebloom, but it is really unusual, at least in my garden, for hostas to do it.

Heucheras are also not especially grown for their flowers, though I don't know why since the newer ones have lovely blooms. This one in a too dry and probably too shady place has sent up a new bloomscape in the last weed. Flowers on these can be red, white, pink or lavender, maybe other colors, but that's what I have here.

This is one of our hardy geraniums, the name of which escapes me at the moment. It was new this year and started blooming soon after it was planted and hasn't stopped since. It was tiny when I planted it back in May, but now it is almost 2 feet across and just covered with these lovely purple flowers.
Digitalis (Foxgloves) are definitely spring bloomers. This one just appeared all of a sudden. Didn't see it a weed ago and now it is in full bloom. The funny thing about this one is that it is blooming and it is only about 8 inches tall. This type is usually at least 3-4 feet tall in bloom. Cute little thing that I almost missed.

Dianthus are pretty dependable repeat bloomers. I always make sure to dead-head them because that encourages more bloom. They're bloom at least until frost, and if there is a light frost, it won't even bother them.
I got to take pictures today because we didn't have any of the promised rain after very early this morning. We did be 3/10 of an inch overnight and the plants are thrilled, but I hope we get the promised 3/4 inch tonight because we have just been so dry. Azaleas and dogwoods among others are setting their buds for next year right about now and they need the rain to insure good bloom next year.

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