Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glasshouse Works - Stewart Ohio

As promised, a quick tour of Glasshouse Works in Stewart Ohio. http://www.glasshouseworks.com This is the sign you'll see (if the shrubery has been pruned) when you come in Rt 329 from Guysville. This used to be the entrance to the gardens, but the main plants for sale have moved to the grounds of the former Stewart Hotel which they bought for an office maybe 10 years ago. It is a lovely old building with an extra large porch. It houses the offices, check out and lots of neat stuff for sale - stained glass, wind chimes, Dewey Cats, and all sorts of other plant related stuff.
This is Tom, one of the owners. I have been trying to sneak a picture of him for awhile and this is the best I've come up with. At the party he is always taking pictures of everyone else - or else eating, neither of which lend themselves to a complimentary portrait.

And Ken who is much more obliging about portraits. The two of them have been doing this since long before I moved to Ohio, I think for almost 30 years now (maybe more), but don't hold me to that figure. Back in the beginning the place had been a chrysanthemum nursery and the grounds included a vegetable garden. No room any more for veggies other than the necessary tomatoes which get put right in with the rare and unusual stuff. Ken grew up on a farm and you just can't get that out of your system.

These are the original greenhouses. You used to be able to walk through these to choose your plants, but they are strictly for production now and unless you are very, very thin, the aisles are all but impassable - except to Ken who knows where everything is, how many, etc., etc., etc.

This is another of the production houses.

And inside of the large greenhouses.

And another view in the large greenhouses. Always something blooming, smelling good, or just totally intrigueing. (That can't be the right spelling, but I can't think of another way to spell it)

I didn't take enough pictures of the grounds, I realized after I got home, but this is one of my favorite spots. This banana tree has been here as long as I've been going there and survives our zone 6 winters happily, though it does get some protection.

This is part of the quite large outside sales area. This section is for tropical things that are spending the summer out of doors, and obviously enjoying it.

This is another part of that section with lots of coleus - something they have been hybridizing for awhile now. You'll see all sorts of unusual color combinations. One of their other specialties are fancy begonias.

More plants for sale, including mostly tropical things and some with bright colored blooms.

And some more. I just love wandering in here and always find something I just have to take home with me.

And yet more things you can take home with you. The selection is unbelievable and though you won't see more than a small fraction of what is available, when you check the website you will see the huge number of things that could grace your garden and windowsills.

And the sign on the hotel - which I should have taken a picture of, oh well. The part you can't see says checkout. Glasshouse Works is open all year on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 to 6. Other days are for packing and shipping orders. If you want some very specific and unusual things, mail order is your best bet - or order ahead to pick up there, but if you just want to wander and find all sorts of treasures, a visit will be quite worth your while.

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