Sunday, September 19, 2010

Glasshouse Works Annual Party

Last evening was the annual party out at Glasshouse Works. These are a couple of pictures I took on the way home. Just a glorious sunset. The party happens every year at this time with local folks and many who come in from out of town too. Lots of good food and pleasant company. I went a little early and took a lot of photos so I could give you a bit of a tour of their nursery since most of you don't live around here. I'll try and get those photos ready to post tomorrow and will tell you all about Glasshouse Works then.
About the tornado(s). We've had quite a bit of damage in Athens County, though none right here - not even a plant or outside chair blown over. Others weren't so lucky. 53 houses and one business were destroyed with many more damaged in some way. As of today, all of the electricity is back on. As we were driving last night we saw some of the damage. Most places were just fine, but in spots the trees were uprooted or snapped in half. Please keep all of those who are now homeless in your prayers.

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