Friday, June 4, 2010

Deer Resistant Plants - V -

I have occasionall seen violets eaten, but it is rare, so I'm including a couple here. This yellow one grows wild in the woods around here, a small thing. In the garden is it a foot tall and covered with blooms. It must like the shady spot I planted it in.
My other favorite violet is Freckles. I just love the splashes of purple on the petals. It comes true from seed so I have them in lots of places. It also likes shade, but I have seen it growing in a good bit of sun also. Both of the violets are early spring bloomers.

Most Veronicas are safe from deer. I like the miniature one called 'Giles van Hees'. It blooms mid summer until frost with lovely pink flowers. I give it quite a bit of sun.

The Veronicas are a large and varied family. This one is Veronica bonariensis. It is like little tufts of flowers on tall stems - some up to 4 feet. There is something a bit silly about this one, but its late summer blooms are dependable and long lasting.

The Verbascums bloom from spring through summer. Rosettes of sometimes fuzzy leaves and tall spikes of flowers in just about any pastel color you can imagine. There are wild forms and cultivated ones. They like sun.
We have gotten to the end of my perennial photo files. I'll continue with those I've got filed under other things like ground covers and vines. We get to skip the files for daylilies and hostas since those are prime deer food here. I found the first evidence of bloomscapes being eaten on a few daylilies this morning, so I've been spreading Milorganite to try and discourage the deer. Hank saw a large buck, antlers in velvet, walking in the garden this morning. He was scared off, but I know he has friends ...

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