Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daylilies - Mostly Pink

It's been a busy week. All this wonderful rain has made the weeds grow as well as the plants, better actually. We get up extra early to get some weeding done before the sun hits and the temperature climbs towards 90 degrees. Once it gets that hot, we either move to a weeding project in the shade, or find some other chore to do. With a garden this large, there is always something to do.
We are fast approaching the peak of our daylily season. Hard to believe since we're at least 2 or 3 weeks ahead of normal. I expect that by next weekend the show will be spectacular. So far (keep your fingers crossed) the Milorganite has been doing its job keeping the deer from eating the daylily buds. We had a tiny bit of nipping, I spread the Milorganite and since then I haven't seen any damage. So, if you're in the area, please come a visit on one of the next 2 weekends to just enjoy the flowers. All of our potted daylilies are only $5, regardless of the regular price, so it's easy to take some home to enjoy too.
Today the pastels, especially the pinks were my favorites. Here are a few of them.
First is one that is barely pink, mostly just pink in the center and is called 'Salad Bowl'. It is a fairly large flower.

This next one is 'Shell Point', an older cultivar.

'Princess Powderpuff' is another oldie. So much of our garden is older cultivars that it is not surprising that most that I photograph were hybridized earlier than about 1985.

This is one of the newer ones called 'Louisiana Lovely'. It has thick, waxy petals and the best color.

'Lavendelle' is not strictly a pink, more of a lavender, but I'm including it because it is one of my favorites.

'CeeTee' is one I dug for a customer this morning. You can see why she chose it.

Last is 'Antique Rose', another with thick, waxy petals. I've always loved the shading on this one.

I've been taking a lot of pictures to update the website. I'll try to include some here every day as I'm working on it.
More heat tomorrow. We're certainly making up for last summer when it never, or only once hit 90 degrees. Fortunately the evenings have been cool so far. As crazy as the weather has been this year, we could have snow in July. Veggie garden is coming along. Still only lettuce and radishes to eat, but there are buds on the tomatoes, broccoli and cabbage look good and the cucumbers and sweet potatoes are growing. We've finished the onions. They never keep that well in this climate anyway.
Till tomorrow,

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