Friday, June 11, 2010

Deer Resistant Plants - Iris

All right. Too many long days of weeding and the brain is tired, so mostly a picture show today on Iris. Deer don't seem to bother them here, though with deer, you can never be absolutely positively sure they won't eat something.
This first one ia Iris albopurpurea 'Monstrosa'.

Next Iris virginica alba

Then Iris versicolor - pink form

Here's a tall bearded iris called 'Edith Wolford'.

Iris spuria 'Zamboanga' is definitely an unusual color.

Iris siberica 'Contrast in Styles'

Next, an iris that is a cross between 2 species. Iris pseudata 'Kinshiko'. I love this color, though it is easier to enjoy than to describe.

Iris pseudacorus 'Gold Pagoda'is a double form of Iris pseudacorus.

The Pacific Coast Hybrids are gorgeous, but here they are very short lived, 2 years at best. I tried to grow them, but they just don't seem to like our climate.

The miniature iris are cute and need really good drainage and lots of sun. This one is 'Black Cherry Delight'.

Next is Iris Louisiana 'Cherry Cup'

Iris laevigata 'Datusaga'.

Iris lactea, a small species.

Iris histrioides 'George' is an iris that bloom very early in the spring, even before most of the daffodils.

Iris graminea likes full sun and a sort of dry spot. The blooms are barely above the foliage, sort of like a flock of butterflies alighting on the leaves. This one blooms mid-May.

Iris fulva 'Red Dazzler' is a water iris. There is also a yellow form.

Iris ensata 'Wispy Clouds'. These used to be called Japanese Iris.
Iris cristata 'Blue Giant'. With the cristatas, the word giant is relative. These are small, ground cover type woodland iris.

I grow these Aril Iris (this one 'Burra Sahib') in the same gravel bed as the cactus. They need perfect drainage like they would find on the cliffs where they grow naturally.

Hope you enjoyed all of the photos. I think I'm done with the deer resistant stuff and will be off to 'what's blooming in the garden' for the next few posts.


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