Thursday, August 6, 2009

Woodsy paths

This is a path near the back part of the gardens, near the back barn. It used to have move hostas growing on the hill, but it is a little dry and a little too shady, so most have been moved and instead there is a vinca with white flowers and a variegated green and gold leaf. It's a good choice for a bank and for shade. It only blooms in the spring, but is very pretty then. The variegation also fades as the summer arrives, but I love shady with lots of shades of green, so it really doesn't matter. Packed into the picture above, besides the vinca and hostas you can see a barberry, forsythia, maple, holly, orixa and lilacs. Lots more just out of view.
When I was growing up I spent a lot of time in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. This sort of reminds me of the woods there, even though this path/garden was totally created by us and is in no way natural. We do have lots of places on this 108 acres that do look like this - some even better - and when I have time, it is nice to just walk through the woods. We have creeks and waterfalls, springs and bogs, ferny glades and open woods and thorny thickets that are loved by wildlife.
I hope by tomorrow to have all of the photos back in the computer. In any case, I'll be writing about Taxodiums since our Taxodium ascendens is just perfect in form this year and I finally got a good photo of it.

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