Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Impatiens omeiana

This pretty thing is the hardy impatiens, Impatiens omeiana, that I promised for today. The leaf is more like the New Guinnea Impatiens you see in the garden centers, but this one is hardy to zone 6 and probably even zone 5 with a good mulch. It comes up sort of late, so remember where you planted it so you don't try and fill in that 'empty' space with something else. It spreads into a nice clump over the years, but is rather slow about finally doing it. It requires shade and nice, woodsy soil.
The blooms are probably the best part of the whole thing. They appear in late August or September and continue until frost. Color is orange and yellow, about like the Jewelweed I pictures yesterday, and look like goldfist hanging under the leaves. Quite unusual and quite pretty. I don't seem to have a picture of the blooms, so I'll have to add one later on this month when they get around to blooming here. I don't see them offered very often and people who tour the gardens usually don't know what they are, so it you do find some, you will have something rather unusual in your garden. They are pretty care free and don't seem to be bothered by insects or animals with the exception of an occasional slug, but a mulch of pine needles or chicken grit (get this at the feed store) will solve that problem.
Tomorrow - our giant crinum.

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Leslie said...

Oh goody! I was hoping my plant that I got from you guys this year would bloom.

My hardy begonias are just starting to bloom.

Toad Lilies should start soon.