Monday, August 3, 2009


Achillea - the Yarrows - are one of the stars of the late summer garden. This one is 'Coronation Gold' if my memory serves me correctly (still haven't gotten all of the pictures straightened out in my latest re-do of my computer). This one is quite tall and has stiff, rather than soft blooms which are excellent for drying. The color fades over time, and by spring they will be brown, but still useful in fall arrangements. This is a tall plant. There is a rosette of ferny, soft green leaves at the base, but the bloom scapes put the flowers right at eye level. The flowers are unscented, but the foliage is quite fragrant. I found, when weeding a bed where this one grows yesterday, that if you lay a stem of this down and if stays there a good long time (maybe not all that long actually) it will root. I dug a nice clump out and potted it up until I find a nice place for it. I know I use that method for propagating trees and shrubs, I just never knew I could do it with a perennial. I suppose since this one has such woody stems, it works the same way.
Full sun for this one and it doesn't seem to mind a bit of dry weather. Also not bothered by bunnies, insects or deer. My guess is the highly aromatic foliage is its deterrent.

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