Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Microbiota decussata

A quick post this morning since I overslept. This is the variegated form of Microbiota, though it is shows up mostly as what looks like a very light dusting of snow. If you don't know Microbiota, it is a thing unto itself with the variegated one the only other form. It is a low, creeping thing, sort of like on of the rug junipers, but much more delicate. It is hardy up into zone 2 I think and is sometimes referred to as Siberian something or other. (Sorry - not quite awake just yet) One of the things I like best about it is the winter color which is a coppery chocolate shade. It seems to do best in light shade, though I do have one in almost full sun which also seems happy as long as it gets enough water in the dry parts of the summer.
We did have one customer complain about it when she ordered late in fall and thought I had sent her dead plants because they weren't all bright green and already had their winter color. Just proves again that people don't read the descriptions or order things they don't know and don't explore before the plants arrive. I've heard horror stories from other growers about people who complained when all of the leaves fell off of a maple in the fall. I can't believe that they really thought that maples kept their leaves all winter. She actually thought the tree had died. Another one related to me was from a bulb grower who had someone complain that all she got was dry, hard things when she had ordered daffodils - where were the flowers???? Frustrating to deal with these people, but humorous from a distance.

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