Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cercis canadensis

As we were driving into town yesterday, the star of the show were the Redbuds, Cercis canadensis. All along the edges of the woods was this lovely pink cloud. We didn't have these when I was growing up in Southeast Pennsylvania, but I have truly grown to love them and hate it in springs when we get a frost and their bloom is cut short. The flowers in the picture are not quite out and will be a lighter pink when they are. These make lovely additions to the edge of the woods and intermingled with dogwoods (Cornus florida will usually bloom at about the same time) are just about perfect. We planted 2 in the front yard some years ago which are now quite large. Another 'appeared' a few years ago, seeded in by birds or squirrels or something and it has finally gotten to blooming size this year. There have been a number of selections made and I'll post a few pictures of them tomorrow.

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