Monday, April 28, 2008

Cercis canadensis 'Silver Cloud'

The leaf shape is the same, but you might not recognize this as another Redbud. The leaves are a bit smaller and more delicate (thinner), and certainly more noticeable. The tree is about the same size, but with smaller everything - leaves, branches, trunk - and it seems to be more susceptable to frost in the spring. Ours also blooms less and the leaves may edge scorch if it is planted in too much sun or during drought. Despite this, it is well worth having for what it adds to the garden. We have 2 I can remember, but there might be another tucked away somewhere. The one near the rose garden where it gets more shade keeps its color better, but the one next to Lake Amanda where it gets a little more sun is larger and better shaped (no competition from other close trees). I think you can find this, though I don't see it offered frequently. One more Redbud to go...

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