Thursday, April 3, 2008

Abeliophyllum distichum

As I look out of my window this morning there is a lovely cloud of white blossoms on the 'White Forsythia', otherwise known as Abeliophyllum. It's not a true forsythia, but the habit and flower shape are so close it has gotten that name. Here it blooms before the forsythias get started and unlike true forsythias, has a light scent. The pink form seems to have a bit less bloom per stem and be less vigorous, but the color is lovely. Unfortunately, if you have the pink one in too much sun, it fades to white in a few days. Both like dappled shade, though will grow in the sun. Like forsythia, they will tip root, so if you don't want babies, keep them pruned so that the ends of the branched don't touch the ground. If you'd like an additional plant or want a larger clump, just let the branches root naturally or put a rock near the end of a branch to encourage rooting. A year later you can cut it loose from its parent and dig it up and plant it.

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