Monday, August 6, 2007


The first picture on the webpage "blooming today" is of a primrose. I was feeling guilty for awhile since they had finished their bloom and I hadn't gotten around to changing it, but I find that now, in the midst of this horrible heat wave, I have at last one primrose in full bloom. This is not uncommon. They begin their bloom at the first sign that spring might come soon and usually continue until the heat sets in, though we get sproadic bloom throughout the season and sometimes during a warm spell in the dead of winter. They seem to tolerate a wide range of light conditions, though some shade is helpful and those that get too much sun may suffer from leaf burn on the edges. We often rescue them from Lowe's in the spring when they have gotten a bit frosted, since, with damaged leaves removed, they soon begin to grow and look fine in no time at all. They come in every color of the rainbow and in various combinations. If you add in the various species, you find a family with not only various colors, but shapes that are low growing and also with very tall flower spikes - a little something for everyone.

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