Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fall Daylilies

Just when you think that the daylily season is over, the fall bloomers come into their own. This is Autumn Daffodil, about the first of our lates to bloom. It is a little taller than average, but most of our lates are quite tall - 4 feet or so. Most are also in the yellow or what I'd call fall color range. I often complain that you don't get the reds, purples, pinks and whites in the very early and late daylilies, but by this time of year, I think we're just happy to still have some blooms. There's no reason why daylilies have to bloom only for a few weeks midsummer. We have them blooming from early May until September. Now, I'll admit that the overwhelming bloom we get in July is much better, or at least much more, but in May and September, a single bloom can be quite lovely.

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