Saturday, August 25, 2007

Parthenocissus 'Fenway Park'

Not your usual Boston Creeper. We started growing this one a few years ago, and the first one was slow, but once we figured out that it would like a lot of sun, it has flourished. This particular one was a small cutting this spring and has covered a 6 foot post in just a couple of months. The color is quite a bit more gold that what shows in this picture, though you might expect this color in more shade. On mild winters the new growth survives, but even if it freezes back, it comes charging up in the spring to start again. It is not overly agressive - just needs something to climb on. We also grow a variegated version with this same leaf shape - pink, white and green - which is equally lovely, but a little less hardy and which prefers more shade. Tomorrow I'll put up a picture of one with the more typical leaf shape, like the wild form, and talk a bit about it.

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