Friday, July 2, 2010

Daylilies in Bloom

I thought I'd just post a couple of photos of the daylilies in bloom rather than specific blossoms. This first one is taken of the bed of older daylilies behind the front barn. Most of these are introductions from the 1970s and 1980s, with a few newer ones where we've lengthened the rows. They are just gorgeous right now.
This second photo is looking from the top of the hill and actually shows 5 different sections of daylilies, but the way it looks here, it all kind of blends together.
This is the peak of bloom, a few weeks ahead of usual, but there's no putting it off, so we're just enjoying it. I hope those of you who are in the area can come over and enjoy the flowers with us. Hopefully soon I'll have some more time for writing. In addition to weeding, today I re-did (or almost finished re-doing) the garden on either side of the brick walkway leading up to the house. It had been planted about 30 some odd years ago with wild daylilies. Over the years the lilacs which are also along the walk grew and grew so that now there was so much shade that the daylilies no longer bloomed, just spread foliage all over the walk and looked kind of ratty. I decided that hostas would be much better, so I started digging out the old ditch weeds and ripping out vinca (and having Hank pull out the poison ivy) and by suppertime I had cleaned up most of it and planted 18 hostas. I probably have space for another 6 or 8 by the time I finish. I can't believe the difference this makes. Instead of looking kind of busy and frantic, it now looks cool and calm. Just amazing what 5 hours of work can make. I'll take some photos as soon as it is all done and mulched.
Enjoy the weekend and picnics and fireworks, and make time to come by and see the daylilies. We'll have the gardens open on Saturday July 3rd from 10 to 5 and on Sunday July 4th from noon to 5. Remember, all potted daylilies are still just $5 each.


Anonymous said...

Wow, seeing all those daylilies together is a dream come true. I would never tire of gazing at them when they are at peak. How beautiful!

June said...

Beautiful! Enjoyed seeing all your lilies. What an artist's palate!