Monday, April 5, 2010

Rain - or the lack thereof...

I haven't abandoned you. I must have said that before, but I tend to spend all of my time in the garden this time of year unless it's raining, and lately, it doesn't seem to rain much. Plants aren't suffering - yet - but the soil is dry when I dig planting holes. The daffodils, on the other hand, are glorious and should be seen by more than just the two of us, so we're going to open the gardens this weekend, Sunday April 11th from 1o to 3. Bouquets of daffodils to the first 12 visitors and 10% off all potted plants that day only. Now a tease of some of the things that are blooming right now.

First is Ranunculus ficatia 'Brazen Hussy' with it's almos tblack leaves and shiny bright yellow flowers.

Second - Primula 'Mahogany Sunrise' that just started to bloom today.
This is Petasites hybridys with it's red blooms that are the shape of morel mushrooms when they first come up, but which will get almost 3 feet tall before they actually go to seed.

We have 2 rows of pansies this spring that we found thrown away with raked leaves in one of the bags that the city of Athens brought to us last fall. They were just thrown away. How sad. I planted them and they spent a very long time under all of the snow. They looked a little sad when the snow melted, but now they are wonderful.

The Virginia Bluebells are up and should be in bloom on Sunday.

Last photo is Corydalis solida which seems to be blooming everywhere right now, though the largest colony is over at Lake Amanda.

Hope to see you on Sunday. Tomorrow I'll post some of the daffodils that you'll see.

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keewee said...

If I could, I would send some rain your way, we have plenty to spare.