Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Different things

I really am still here, but with this crazy weather and getting ready to open for the season, I just haven't gotten to spend too much time around my computer. The picture above is an Arisaema which most years comes up just in time to get frosted. This year it was lucky. We did have a really frosty night just after it came up, but we wrapped it up nice an snug and it came through all right.
This is one of my favorites - Skunk Cabbage. It grows in damp, lightly shaded places and comes up in the early spring. We also have a yellow flowered form. One is american (I think it's the white one, but I'm not 100 percent sure of that) and the other is asian.
I'll post as I find time. I did take a day off yesterday, even though I really didn't have time to do that with everything that needs to get done, but it was my birthday and I needed a 'girls day out' to have some fun and eat cheesecake.


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Bev J. said...

Happy Belated Birthday and YUM on the cheesecake. Enjoy reading your articles.