Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring !

Just when I have been complaining about not having spring, we've had 2 days of the most wonderful sunny and warm weather. Couldn't ask for better. Alas, it is going away, probably not to be back for awhile, but it was such a nice break. Even though the pond was still frozen when I took pictures on Wednesday...

And there was still some snow (along with spring weeds I didn't want to see ... )

But the snowdrop suddenly broke through the ground and put up buds, which by Friday had opened nicely, at least in the sunny parts of the garden.

Any green is welcome at this time of year, and these cyclamen are such hardy souls, in that they have looked this good all winter, even through the worst of weather.

Hellebores have started to send up buds and they will, of course, have to wait a bit, but will be blooming before you know it.

Along with the witchhazels. Actually, by Friday (today) we didn't just have these little buds, but several of the bushes that are in the most sun were in full bloom (and scent)
And some of them are going to be just covered in bloom any day now. Witchhazels aren't bothered by the cold unless it is severe, and will scent up the yard on any sunny afternoon.

Petasites buds are suddenly above ground with their cabbage-like buds. Hopefully they'll wait just a big before the open so they don't get frozen.

Only a few of the daffodils have put foliage up so far. They don't need to be in any hurry since I don't expect to see blooms on them for another month, at least.

It's also time for pussy willow and as I walk around the yard I see the shiny silver catkins shedding their covers as they get ready for spring.

Unfortunately, I think it is back to hibernation for a few weeks yet, though early blooms will be starting and I'll be out with my camera to capture them.
Next time: A bit on Hank's expanding collection of philodendrons and their equally shade loving friends.

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