Saturday, November 13, 2010

Change - Continued

As promised, here are a couple of pictures of the garden I featured yesterday as it looks now. It was really hard to get these photos as the garden is so grown up and filled it was hard to find a good place to stand where I could get enough in to show everything. I gave up and settled for what I could get. This is the path looking south to north (if you want to compare it to the other one). The path is pretty much covered with leaves and the maples are bare since the leaves are on the ground. It is sometimes difficult to walk on the path because some of the low growing conifer wants to grow across the path. Other of the conifer are now bare at the bottom since they've grown quite tall and what used to seem like a private room, is now more like a room with a picture window where you can see into other parts of the yard. I don't think I expected that when things were originally planted. I'm starting to like it and the high shade it provides.
This is the same path looking north to south where you can see better, on the left side of the picture, the low growing conifer and the trunks of those that are taller.

And here is the reason I didn't get this posted last night before I fell asleep. Before ...

and after.

This is another section of the gardens as it looked recently ...

And as it was in 1995 when the pond liner was first put in. I had even forgotten just how empty the area was then. The indentation in the hill had been a watering hole for the cattle that lived here for many years when this was a working dairy farm. It is spring fed, but dried up in the summer. By lining it, we can keep it filled even in summer and it provides a place for waterlilies, lotus and some unusual cattails and iris.
So, if you live in a place long enough, and you have a good memory or old photos, you can see just how your garden evolves. There are always little changes year to year as I plant new things and other things grow. And there are the seasonal changes from a winter garden dominated by conifer to a spring one awash in daffodils, to summer with large swaths of daylilies and fall with the wonderful colors. Each season has its own personality and I love them all. I guess that's why I'm a gardener.

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