Friday, August 20, 2010


Doesn't look like a radish? But it is. A few years ago we had some radishes, planted too many, as usual, since I'm not crazy about eating them and Hank forgets to pick them for supper. Anyway, as happens to radishes that you don't pick, they go to seed. Now I'd never seen a radish bloom before and if you'd asked me to guess what it would look like, I would have said that that it would be something white/pink/red on a short stem. Wrong! Those little tiny radish plants turn into 3 foot tall, 3 foot wide plants that are covered with this little white, maybe a little pink flowers. We have just left them and they self seed nicely. We can always get a few radishes out of this patch in the spring, and then enjoy the flowers later in the summer. Now you know.

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